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We provide High Quality Medical Transcription Services through experienced MTs in various specialities. We can provide a Turn Around Time of 24 Hours to as low as 2 Hrs. We maintain high level of Security and Confidentiality of the Data in tune with the HIPAA regulations.

Whether you need transcription for an outpatient single physician practice, a multi-physician clinic, a network of physician clinics or a hospital, we work with you to develop the most efficient method for dictation and transcription delivery available.

We are dedicated to our customers so that their transcription is done promptly, accurately and utilizing the best method for each client. You can now focus on your health care practice,and not waste valuable time on tracking down your transcription. We are always accessible to serve you at anytime.

We employ experienced proof readers who proof read the transcripts as an integral part of our multi-stage process to clean up any inaccuracies .Our multi level quality assessment program makes it possible for us to attain the highest levels of quality control.


  • Simple and Hassle Free Process enabling a smooth transition from the existing Transcription system model.
  • Operations and Customer Service available 24/7/365 days Can handle various medical specialities.
  • Assured Quality through Multiple Layers of Quality Check. Can deliver 98.5% accuracy.
  • Can quickly adapt and scale up to client preferred setup and workflow
  • Can handle various turnaround schedules, ranging from 24 hours to as low as 2 hours
  • Equipped to handle various voice file formats. Some of the supported formats are but not necessarily limited to Vox, Rhet 24/32, Wav, AIFF, Real Audio, Magnetic Tapes etc.
  • Ability to meet growing demands without increasing costs, yet not compromising on accuracy and speed.
  • Reliable and secure Data center with latest security standards that ensure data confidentiality Expertise in transcribing various accents.
  • Equipped to handle large volumes
  • We provide Delivery and storage solutions to meet your unique requirements